Getting Beyond the NAS Diagnosis: Promoting Infant & Family Development is designed to change the care culture for NICUs, PICUs, or Mother/Baby units caring for infants with NAS/NOWS. The course is geared toward an Infant-Driven Caregiving model focusing on supporting infant development and family engagement.  The education reviews Adverse Childhood Experience studies noting the long-term risks for infants and families exposed to drugs. Tools to assess infants with NAS/NOWS are reviewed, as well as the latest evidence-based treatment approaches to optimally support the infant and engage the family. Videos with hands-on demonstration of non-pharmacological interventions are provided along with case scenarios and specific interventions to maximize infant’s sleep, play, development, feeding, bathing and self-regulation, while simultaneously engaging the family.

The pre-recorded webinars include the most up to date, evidence-based, easy to implement practice changes. An 80% on-line test score and completion of the evaluation is required to obtain contact hours. You’ll be able to complete this course from the comfort of your own home, start and stop as needed, and go back to review after completion if desired!

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