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Infant-Driven Education

As neonatal caregivers, we are privileged to care for the most fragile infants and families in the world during the most vulnerable time of their lives. Whether a neonatal novice or expert, we have a tremendous responsibility to continue learning, growing, and developing our skills to ultimately impact the lives of those entrusted in our care. My passion for this led me to create Infant-Driven Education that not only expands the knowledge, skill and expertise of healthcare providers, but also improves the safety, efficiency, and consistency of neonatal care practices.~ Kara Ann Waitzman, OTR/L, CNT, NTMTC                   

Customized Infant Driven Education & Training

Infant-Driven Education Customized for Your NICU

Our customized infant-driven education courses include 7-Hour and 4-Hour hands-on training customized to meet the specific needs of the hospital’s NICU staff.  Neonatal Follow Up Mentorship is available following the program to facilitate further performance improvement post education. Don’t see what you’re looking for, simply give us a call and we’ll customize a program for your team!

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Neonatal Touch and Massage Therapy

Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification (NTMC)

Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification® (NTMC) is an exclusively neonatal, one-of-a-kind certification for neonatal healthcare providers. NTMC® combines a holistic, neonatal and systems theory approach to massage, with an emphasis on families and nurturing opportunities, while elevating the standard of care that neonatal caregivers provide in their daily practice.

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Neonatal On-Line Education

Neonatal On-Line Education

The Neonatal On-Line Education (NOLE) is designed for all neonatal caregivers (OT, PT, SLP, RN, CLS, LMT, RT) and provides 8 topics in an online format that takes approximately 8.5 hours to complete. NOLE offers improved understanding of the impact the environment plays in development, and has topics that range from brain and sensory development to pain in the NICU and the NICU Parent.  Practical solutions to daily caregiving activities are provided in a way that re-ignites your passion as a neonatal professional!

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Infant Driven Educational DVDs

Infant-Driven Educational DVDs

We offer Infant-Driven Educational DVDs on Skin-to-Skin Holding, Swaddled Bathing, and Neonatal Massage for both healthcare providers and parents. Most nurseries practice these caregiving activities, but with inconsistency in frequency and implementation causing discontent with parents and other healthcare providers. These DVDs are designed to improve the safety, efficiency, and consistency of these practices in the NICU or SCN.  They can be purchased as DVDs or licensed to put on your hospital intranet system for 24/7 viewing.

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