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Activity Cancellation by Creative Therapy Consultants:

If a Live Learning Activity is cancelled by Creative Therapy Consultants the Learning Activity will be re-scheduled with the opportunity for the Learner to attend the re-scheduled Activity or one in another location within a year.  A full refund of the Learning Activity fee will be provided within 30 days if the learner favors a refund, versus attending the Learning Activity.

If an On-Line Learning Activity is cancelled by Creative Therapy Consultants, the Learner will have the opportunity to complete another Learning Activity of equal value or receive a full refund for the Learning Activity, which will be provided within 30 days of the cancellation.


Activity Cancellation by the Learner:

If a Learner cancels attendance for a Live Learning Activity for which they are registered the Learner has 1 year to attend the Learning Activity in a different location.

If a Learner has not initiated any part of On-Line Learning Activities a refund will be provided within 30 days, minus a 15% servicing fee.


Complaint Resolution:

Creative Therapy Consultants team will review all complaints. All efforts for remediation will be made, and third party expertise will be obtained if needed.