Infant-Driven Education

OUR MISSION: To improve the lives of babies and families through excellent neonatal caregiver education and skill development.

OUR VISION: For each neonatal caregiver to understand the tremendous impact they have on the infants and families they serve, and to provide care accordingly.


Educational Training Videos on Swaddled Bathing & Skin-to-Skin Holding

Our portfolio of instructional Videos increase the knowledge and skill of healthcare providers, while giving parents an enhanced understanding, ability, and ease in caring for their infant.   Videos are available in both English & Spanish for parents and all videos can be purchased as DVDs or licensed for hospital intranet viewing!

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Neonatal Touch and Massage Certification

Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification (NTMC)™

 NTMC is an exclusively neonatal, one-of-a-kind certification for neonatal healthcare providers. It combines a holistic, neonatal and systems theory approach to massage, with an emphasis on families and nurturing opportunities, while elevating the standard of care that neonatal caregivers provide in their daily practice.

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Seminars & Workshops

Seminars, Workshops & On-Line Education

Creative Therapy Consultants provides innovative educational opportunities both on-line and in person.  Participants are able to change practice and implement new techniques immediately upon returning to their NICU.  Best of all, the programs can be completely customized to meet your NICU’s needs!

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OMG!  What an amazing day!!  You were absolutely amazing and I appreciate everything you had to say.  I learned so much today.  I thought I was doing things correctly, but I learned today that I wasn’t.
Stephanie Wrobel, RT


Did You Know: Massage & Down syndrome

December 14th, 2020|0 Comments

Did you know massage can improve overall development, motor development, visual-motor coordination, and language in infants with Down syndrome? Down Syndrome is the most common condition that involves a developmental or intellectual disability.  The disabilities [...]


December 2020

Can you believe that we are nearing the end of 2020?!  What a year it has been!  We have all stretched ourselves, our creativity, our skills, and our learning as we have navigated through this unprecedented year.  We, too, brainstormed and created a new way to teach the Neonatal Touch and Massage Hands-On training, and continue our mission to improve the lives of babies and families through education and skill development.  We met over 200 neonatal caregivers from all over the country through 9 Virtual NTMC trainings this year.  We are taking some time this Christmas Season to reflect on the many blessings we have in our lives, and look forward to an amazing 2021.

Have you considered your New Year’s Resolution or goals for 2021?  Are you looking to learn new skills and improve your neuroprotective, developmental, and family-centered caregiving?  We have 13 NTMC Trainings planned for next year.  We will start off the new year with virtual training, and we are optimistically hoping to provide in person training sessions starting next summer.  Learn more about NTMC and the other educational opportunities we have available to you and your hospital here.

Merry Christmas and we hope that you find 2021 to be happy and healthy!

September 2020

We had a great summer, brainstorming and exploring new ways to continue our mission to make 95% of touch intentionally comforting.  We launched our inaugural Virtual NTMC Hands-On Session on August 29 and August 30.  We had the pleasure of meeting with 21 neonatal caregivers from all over the country, through the power of Zoom.  We sent personalized care packages to each of the attendees before the class, and took to our computers to teach virtually.  Each attendee used a doll with muscles and bones drawn as landmarks, massage oil, items to use as medical equipment, and a complete binder full of valuable information to learn the power of touch virtually.  It was a successful weekend, and we look forward to repeating this virtual class 8 more times in 2020!

Interested in improving your neuroprotective, developmental and family-centered care skills in the comfort of your own home?  Check out our full 2020 schedule, here.  We would love for you to join us!

June 2020

Did you ‘attend’ NANT 10 this year? It was such a unique experience attending a virtual conference with different lectures, forums, and we even had a virtual CTC exhibition booth!  One of the most exciting parts of the conference was learning from experts around the world. It was wonderful hearing them reinforce the education we teach in Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification (NTMC) and other trainings. Here are just a few examples: Sham Feeding: Pre-Feeding Interventions by Karin Mitchell & Melina Ramirez, The Skin and The Brain and Neonatal Care by Marty Visscher, Neonatal Therapy 2019 Practice Analysis by Katie Knudsen & Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez, and Neonatal Therapy Science: The Year in Review by Deanna Gibbs & Eilish Byrne. There were too many presentations and posters reinforcing our mission to mention them all here!

We are continuing to adapt our education and training and we hope to be back on the road again soon for NTMC!  To learn more about all of the Creative Therapy Consultant services, please click here.

March 2020

Spring is upon us and although it is going to look a lot different this year, we can all take this opportunity to slow down, read up on neurodevelopmental care, and learn something new.

We have a full schedule of NTMC Hands-On Training courses in 2020, all across the country.  We have postponed Duluth, MN and Cincinnati, OH until July and registration remains open for both programs. Registration is also open now for Hunstville, AL and San Antonio, TX and will open on April 20th for 3 additional programs. We look forward to continuing our mission to improve neurodevelopmental care and make 95% of touch in the NICU comforting! We would love to see you and your colleagues at one of our Hands-On Trainings.  Learn more about NTMC and where you can join us this year here!

We continue to send Prayers for all of our healthcare friends on the frontline.  Stay safe, and we look forward to meeting you all soon!