Did you know increased maternal participation in the care of their infant decreases maternal anxiety and improves problem solving and caregiving skills? 


In the 2018 study by Cakmak & Karacam, entitled The Correlation Between Mothers’ Participation in Infant Care in the NICU and Their Anxiety and Problem-Solving Skill Levels in Caregiving, researchers examined the relationship between the frequency of caregiving by mothers in the NICU and its impact on their anxiety levels, problem solving and caregiving skills. A negative correlation was seen between less frequent caregiving and a mother’s anxiety level, and a positive correlation found between more frequent caregiving and a mother’s problem solving and caregiving skills!


Skin-to-Skin, Swaddled Bathing, Massage, the list goes on! Parents can and should be involved in every part of their infant’s stay in the NICU. The Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification provides you with the hands-on skill set to teach parents how to provide a swaddled bath or massage their infant. These opportunities will change the outcomes for not only the babies we care for but their families as well. Learn more here!


Cakmak, E., Karacam, Z. (2018). The Correlation Between mothers’ participation in infant care in the NICU and their anxiety and problem-solving skill levels in caregiving. The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine, 31 (1), 21-31.