While the benefits of therapy might not be a surprise to any of us who work daily in the NICU, it is always nice to have research to support it, and an article for the public to see! That’s what happened this month in St. Louis, MO! Congratulations to Bobbie Pineda, OTR/L from Washington University, Joan Smith, RN, Kelly Burgio, PT, Judi Kleekamp , PT and all the other staff from St. Louis Children’s Hospital who contributed to the article.   The article supported Physical Therapy to help with premature infants’ development as well as parent bonding and attachment.   This certainly supports our mission to provide you with infant-driven education to do just that! Check out our DVDs on Skin-to-Skin and Swaddled Bathing, as well as our Certification program for Neonatal Touch & Massage.