NTMC Professional Credentials

When you completed NTMC you earned professional credentials to use with your professional signature.  The credentials are different for RNs and Therapists due to the extra testing requirement for therapists.  NTMNC signifies Neonatal Touch & Massage Nurse Certified and NTMTC  signifies Neonatal Touch & Massage Therapist Certified.  Be sure and use your NTMC professional credentials on your professional email signature, when you sign your name, or elsewhere! This is just another way to show your expertise and dedication to neonatal care.

Nancy Nurse, RNC, NTMNC                                  Tina Therapist, MOTR/L, NTMTC



We are providing this pin to you to highlight your hard work and dedication as an NTMC Professional who has expertise in neuroprotective, family-centered, developmental care. The pin is the perfect size to display on your hospital badge and share your accomplishments with your colleagues and NICU parents! We hope you wear it with pride, as we are certainly proud of your accomplishments!

In order to receive your NTMC Pin, please complete the Pin Request Form here.