Did you know that targeted education can improve staff knowledge and caregiving practices in the NICU? 


In the 2018 study by Charafeddine and colleagues, entitled Targeted Educational Program Improves Infant Positioning Practice in the NICU, researchers focused on improving the consistency of  therapeutic positioning in their unit. This was achieved by completing two rounds of a ‘Plan-Study-Do-Act’ cycle, using the Infant Positioning Assessment Tool, electing positioning ‘champions’ and providing targeted education with a hands-on component. With this quality improvement approach, standardized scores on the Infant Positioning Assessment Tool more than doubled, from 3.4 to 7.3.

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Charafeddine, L., Masri, S., Ibrahim, P., Badin, D., Cheayto, S., Tamim, H. (2018). Targeted educational program improves infant positioning practice in the NICU. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, doi.org/10.1093/intqhc/mzy123