Did you know neonatal massage was shown to improve weight gain velocity and decrease length of stay by 12 days? 


In the 2018 study by Taheri and colleagues, entitled The Effect of a Short Course of Moderate Pressure Sunflower Oil Massage on the Weight Gain Velocity and Length of NICU Stay in Preterm Infants, researchers examined the relationship between the massage and weight gain and length of stay. 44 preterm infants were enrolled between 30-36 weeks PMA and were randomly assigned to either a massage with sunflower oil group or control group receiving standard NICU care. The study revealed that those infants who received massage 3x/day for just 5 days had a nearly 500 gram increase in weight gain by day 5 and their length of stay was decreased by 12 days!


Year after year we continue to see new research and literature released discussing the benefits of neonatal massage! It’s so exciting! Learn more about how you can develop the skill set to provide neonatal massage and many other neuroprotective interventions HERE

Taheri, P., Goudarzi, Z., Shariat, M., Nariman, S., Matin, E. (2018).The effect of a short course of moderate pressure sunflower oil massage on the weight gain velocity and length of NICU stay in preterm infants. Infant Behavior and Development, 50, 22-27.