NTMC Recertification

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NTMC Professionals are eligible to recertify every 2 years following their original NTMC Certification.Each Recertification is individually designed to build upon the previous course to ensure NTMC Professionals’ skill set, knowledge base and unit’s practice is current, evidenced-based, and family-centered. Aimed to maximize professional development, while minimizing cost and time away from home and work, the learning content of each program consists of pre-recorded webinars from experts around the country, updated reference lists, and supplemental handouts. By completing these educational programs NTMC professionals maximize their continued growth and expertise while also maintaining their professional credentials and earning contact hours.


When Am I eligible to Recertify?

The following NTMC professionals have the opportunity to recertify Fall 2018:

Recertification I

  • Voorhees, NJ 2016 Training
  • Fort Collins, CO 2016 Training
  • Charlotte, NC 2016 Training
  • Rockford, IL 2016 Training
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Recertification II

2016 Fall NTMC Recertification I

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Recertification III

2014 Fall NTMC Recertification II

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