The Foundation of Neurodevelopmental Care will improve your understanding of the development of the high risk infants you serve and highlight the significant impact you have through the environment of care and caregiving activities you provide in the NICU. Regardless of your neonatal profession (OT, PT, SLP, RN, RT, CLS, LMT, Psychologist, NNP, PA, or MD/DO), Foundation of Neurodevelopmental Care will provide you with an introductory education to neuroprotective care. This course can completely change the culture of your NICU when large amounts of staff complete it!

The 3 webinars included in this course are presented in pre-recorded webinar format from neonatal experts around the United States and Canada. All of the presenters have completed the research, provided literature, or lectured nationally on their topic. This course has the most up to date evidence based, relevant information, easy to implement practice changes, and clinical scenarios. An 80% on-line test score and completion of the evaluation is required to obtain contact hours. As a bonus, you’ll be able to complete this course from the comfort of your own home!

Registration for Foundations of Neurodevelopmental Care