Creative Therapy Consultants: Training for NICU staff for the needs of premature babies

Are you ready to become certified in Neonatal Touch & Massage, which is designed for the NICU or SCN nurse or therapist? Or maybe you want to increase the safety, consistency, and efficiency of Skin-to-Skin Holding or Swaddled Bathing through DVD’s for parents and staff. Creative Therapy Consultants can meet your needs!

neonatal intensive care physical and massage therapy training for doctors, nurses and parents

Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification

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We want to visit you in 2017!

In 2016 we will travel to 16 different cities to educate neonatal caregivers how best to enhance their unit’s culture and neuroprotective care. We are busy scheduling our NTMC Certifications and Customized Educational Workshops for 2017 (and even 2018!) and would love to visit your hospital. Be sure not to miss your chance to host one of these great learning opportunities!     Email to find more!