Creative Therapy Consultants: Training for NICU staff for the needs of premature babies

Are you ready to become certified in Neonatal Touch & Massage, which is designed for the NICU or SCN nurse or therapist? Or maybe you want to increase the safety, consistency, and efficiency of Skin-to-Skin Holding or Swaddled Bathing through DVD’s for parents and staff. Creative Therapy Consultants can meet your needs!

neonatal intensive care physical and massage therapy training for doctors, nurses and parents

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Neonatal Conferences

Thanks to all of you who stopped by our booth at the Graven Conference in Florida.  What a great group of international professionals! It was great talking to passionate neonatal caregivers from the US as well as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and the Netherlands!  Be sure and sign up for our CTC Newsletter so you can learn more about some of the amazing presentations provided at the conference! Congratulations to Marie Pokraka for winning the 2 Disc DVD sets for both Skin-to-Skin and Swaddled Bathing for Healthcare Providers and Parents!  Want to learn how you can improve the safety, consistency, and efficiency of Skin-to-Skin and Swaddled Bathing practices in your NICU? Check out our DVDs Here. Congratulations to the nurses and therapists who completed their Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification (NTMC®) in Orlando, Florida! Want to join them in being an expert in neonatal touch and massage? Check out our 2014 Schedule Here. Want to learn about neonatal care from the comfort of your own home? Check out our Neonatal On-Line Education (NOLE) Here.